10 July 2009

Corn, corn, and more corn...

Having spent a few hours trying to extract as much flavour as I could from these corn cobs that I picked up from the market, I’m hoping those who will be eating this little ‘corn soup shots’ enjoy them.

I have to say though, I loved the smell that filled up my kitchen when I was char-grilling them. I had to hold myself back from slathering some butter and salt on one and digging in…delicious!

06 July 2009

Nibble Club - Winter Menu....

This past Sunday saw the return of my "Nibble Club" where friends (and friends of friends) come and sample some of my new recipes (or updated recipes) over a glass of champagne, and give feedback. This month's theme was "Winter", using ingredients that are currently at their best, and hopefully food that helps warm your insides.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Your feedback was invaluable!