29 August 2014

Just add hot milk . . .

When asked to bring something chocolate to a bloggers get-together recently, my immediate thought was "oh oh....I don't really eat chocolate things".  However, not wanting to miss the opportunity to meet some new Melbourne based bloggers, I pulled out the block of chocolate and got melting.

27 August 2014

Food for Thought: Buckwheat !

Buckwheat:  Did you know that it's not actually a cereal grain, but is in fact a fruit seed?  It's the perfect alternative to those of you who are sensitive to wheat (or other grains containing gluten), and it can also be used as an alternative to rice or as porridge.

25 August 2014

Coffee with the ladies . . .

I was one of those little girls obsessed with everything barbie.  I had everything from the camper van, and the ferrari, to the townhouse and the spa bath.  Barbie would get married on a daily basis and I couldn't think of anything better than spending hours hidden behind the couch in my little barbie world.  Even jam sandwiches wouldn't entice me to come out.

I thought my obsession had been dealt with.

But imagine my delight (and a little horror) when I discovered this place.....