Bouchon !


How could you not love this wonderful word?

1)  it simply rolls off the tongue like sweet honey;

2) it is a little cake whose shape resembles a cork (bouchon in French); and

3)  a French cork comes from a bottle of French wine....need I say more?

These little bouchons may not follow a traditional French recipe as they contain no wheat, gluten or fructose, but by George they are delicious.  They're light, soft and delicate in texture and subtle with a slight sweetness in taste.  

I've eaten them on their own, warm with butter, and also dipped in some creamy pumpkin soup.

Again, need I say more ......

A Birthday Cake !

Out of all the cakes in the whole wide world, chocolate cake is never my first choice of cake to chow down on.  So why am I constantly baking it?

In this instance, I think it was the frosting that suckered me in.....white chocolate and sour you agree with me huh?

This is not a light, fluffy cake.  

Think of thick slabs of fudgy brownie smothered in a cooling, and if I can say, almost refreshing creamy frosting.  It's rich, decadent and smooth and it was baked with love to celebrate a birthday.

A simple zucchini dish . .

French markets (marches) are defined by seasonality and produced by small regional farmers where you will get fresh courgettes (or known here by their Italian name - zucchini) picked that morning right through to the freshest of fresh goats cheese ready to just melt in your mouth.  

This is probably the thing I most adore when travelling to France, although what makes me happier is that it's happening more and more here in Australia.