A lovely oasis . . .

It's no secret that I love a limited menu.  I adore restaurants and cafes that have only a few select dishes lovingly made for that particular day based on the seasons and what's fresh.  Lovingly created ready for me to be inspired by.  

I love everything about this place.  

From the bonjour we received upon walking through the door, the gorgeous styling inside, to the organic food that greeted me.

This place is not about fancy food.  It's real food.

65 Rue De Bretagne
75003  Paris

3rd Arrondissement

Fondation Cafe !

This tiny "hole in the wall" coffee shop in Paris gets a lot of social media attention.

It was on our "must try" list, so when we stumbled upon it by accident one beautiful sunny day, we pulled up a stool and ordered our coffee.

It was ok.

Maybe our hopes were too high.  Maybe we're becoming too French and no longer use to such a strong flavoured coffee.  Whatever the answer, we've been, we've tried....

c'est tout! 

Egg & Co !

We have found a winner people!

Yes.  A bold statement, but I think I have found one of the loveliest coffees I've actually had in Paris.... EVER.  

If you wander down an almost deserted little lane way in the 6th arrondissement in Paris, you will, I promise you, find wonderful eggs Benedict, friendly service and creamy, smooth, lip licking coffee.

Did I mention the coffee?

A quirky little cafe, a little under polished - picture quick, rough paint jobs on the walls and floors, low ceilings, small windows that let in the beautiful fresh Spring breeze, jazz music playing in the background and eggs.  Eggs galore!

The hollandaise was as it should be.  Creamy, seasoned and oh my God, so moreish which when swirled around with the yolk of the egg, made me want to lick the plate.

Did I mention the coffee?