23 October 2014

Carrot Walnut and Rosemary Cupcakes

Perhaps chocolate is a more sexy choice for cupcakes and perhaps vanilla would be my normal, personal choice, but somehow the humble root vegetable known as carrot was all I could think about.

So on a glorious Saturday afternoon I grated, sifted, stirred and baked.

21 October 2014

Food for Thought: Barley

Barley.  A fibre superstar, with just one cup providing your body with over half of your daily recommended intake.  However for me personally, my interested in barley is because of its high selenium content - an essential trace mineral that is lacking in many of our diets.   Not only is selenium needed for antioxidant defense and immune function, it is also needed for your thyroid (and my thyroid needs all the help it can get!)

Selenium has also been shown to stimulate DNA repair in damaged cells.

19 October 2014

KIDS: Strawberry Mousse Part II

Berries are on their way and I'm super excited.  I know you can get them all year round, but there is something a little special about the fresh, in season ones grown locally.  I could OD on them if I was that way incline....hold on a minute, I'm a Taurean!  Obsessive is my basic human nature.

Maybe that also explains why I can't just make the ONE strawberry mousse?  Hunh?